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High Stakes Sales Presentations

This course is specifically designed for seasoned sales professionals who need to hone their ability to present to current and/or prospective clients. Utilizing IG’s methods, each participant will construct and deliver appropriate sales presentations to a current client and a prospective client

Each participant will be given access to IG’s “Presentation Assistant” application. Our “Presentation Assistant” application works on both IOS and Android devices.

Course Outline

IG Story Board: Prospective Clients

Applying IG’s Story Board method, each participant will create and deliver a presentation to a prospective client.

Presenting V.A.L.U.E.: Current Clients

Each participant will develop and deliver a presentation to a current client, based on IG’s V.A.L.U.E.® methodology. VALUE: (V)ision, (A)uthenticity, (L)oyalty, (U)nderstanding, and (E)xpertise.

Making an Impromptu Pitch

Using 10 different organizational services and/or products, each participant will learn how to quickly structure a clear and concise pitch to current and/or prospective clients without prior preparation.

Handling Hostile or Challenging Responses in Sales

In this exercise, each participant will learn how to take emotion out of the equation when confronted with a challenging response from a client or prospect. They will learn to counter the challenge without appearing evasive or defensive or losing control of the discussion.

Reading Your Audience

To properly read an audience, a Presenter must utilize techniques that are universal. An accurate “read” of an audience may have nothing to do with audience members’ facial animation. It may have nothing to do with whether the audience is looking at the Speaker or not. Myriad cultural factors influence audience behavior. However, there are universally applicable ways to assess an audience’s engagement during a presentation. In this exercise, each participant will be introduced to these universal “reads” and will be provided with the skills required to address them effectively during the presentation.

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